Paola Saulino Pompa Tour - 🧡 Pompa Tour Model Has Instagram Account Deleted After Posting ‘Inappropriate’ Images

Tour Pompa Paola Saulino Model Itali

Model who gave blowjobs for votes 'banned from Instagram'

Tour Pompa Paola Saulino Paula Saulino

Tour Pompa Paola Saulino Model Comes

Model Comes Up Big And Delivers On Her Promise Go On 'Oral Sex Tour' For Italian Voters

Tour Pompa Paola Saulino 1 down,

Tour Pompa Paola Saulino Paula Saulino

Paula Saulino cumple y bate récords: acabó con la mandíbula desencajada pero hizo 400 felaciones

Tour Pompa Paola Saulino Italian model

Cominciato il Pompa Tour di Paola Saulino, le foto vendute alla tv francese

Tour Pompa Paola Saulino “Pompa” tour:

Paola Saulino completamente nuda, tra Serie A e Fantacalcio: 'Amo Zanetti, Messi meglio di Ronaldo' FOTO

Tour Pompa Paola Saulino Model Itali

Tour Pompa Paola Saulino Nøgenmodel lovede

Tour Pompa Paola Saulino Italian model

Italian woman who vowed to perform sex acts cancels tour

She is also cashing in on her newfound fame, selling merchandise like any good touring artist.

  • But the Pompa Tour, which is an Italian translation of the word oral, is on hold after doctors told her to rest her mouth after a dog mauled her Some dismissed the tour as a publicity stunt, with several Instagram users asking for 'evidence' that she had kept her promise.

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Paola Saulino promises sex act for Italian referendum voters

Italian voters overwhelmingly rejected the proposed reforms the Prime Minister staked his political future on.

  • Italy voted decisively Sunday to reject changes to its Constitution in what was a victory for populists and a staggering blow to the European Union, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi following the vote.

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