Yun Er - 🧡 YouMi尤蜜荟 Vol.769 Yun Er

Er Yun Yan'er

Er Yun Nan Men

Nan Men Yun Er

Er Yun Huo Yun'er

Huo Yun'er

Er Yun Yun Hua

Er Yun Yang Yun`er

Luo Huo'er

Er Yun Yun Xin

Yang Yun`er

Er Yun Yang Yun`er

Er Yun Nan Men

Er Yun Yun Hua

Yun Hua

Er Yun Yang Yun`er

Yun Xin Er

For the record, I do plan on running Rosaria on one of my core Yun teams, as the secondary driver to Zhongli who even without atk speed buffs easily chews through 30 quota in around 6-7 seconds.

  • If there's ever a character like Chongyun but for Geo, on-field Yun Jin will become a legitimate strategy, by the way.

  • The main thing you actually want out of a partner for Yun is high normal attack multipliers.

Xia Yun'er

Physical bonuses also tend to stack higher than elemental bonuses, allowing her single-slot multiplier to come closer to Yoimiya's than you might think.

  • Concluding that her potential is great, Yang Kai suggests that Ye Xi Yun supervise her training since she has the greatest cultivation experience on Shadowed Star.

  • Yang Yan determines that a friend of hers is particularly suited to teach her.