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G'raha gave the Warrior of Darkness his spirit vessel containing his soul and memories, content to having fulfilled his mission.

  • G'raha's unseen voice told the Warrior he had already claimed the water-blessed ore sought in Urth's Gift.

  • G'raha is eccentric, initially playing a game with the Warrior of Light while they are gathering the aethersand, and whimsically naming the combined investigation team after an ancient Allagan sage.

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After his soul and memories merge with his original self, G'raha regains his former physical appearance, now sporting an outfit better suited for traveling that has embellishments from his Exarch attire, with gold and blue jewelry and a black scarf.

  • Afterward, they were brought back to Sharlayan where the Warrior of Light explained what they had learned in.

  • Krile, sensing G'raha was resisting the urge to ditch his work to go on an adventure, gave him permission to go.