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Mob Wives: Recap “Fights and Facials” Ep 206

Stop crying as if you are attending her wake, mother.

  • I don't see Angelina and Depp being that attracted to one another.

  • I think Big Ang is a riot but I've seen one too many scenes with her stirring the pot with Drita and Carla for me to believe that she is a neutral party.

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I think for me, I listen more than anything.

  • Natalia not only prepared Chloe's food, but she took care of everything: she woke her up in the mornings, did the shopping, cleaned the house, did the dishes, took out the garbage and even washed Chloe's underwear, the only clothes she ever got to wear during the hot end to the month of June.

  • Carla said she was coming.

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